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Half Dollar Money Clip

Looking for a fun and unique alternative to hold your dollars? Check out our Half Dollar money clip! This clip is produced of durable materials and sterling for carrying your dollars around.

Kennedy Half Dollar Money Clip

This kennedy Half Dollar money clip is a top-grade substitute to keep your money safe and secure, made from sturdy materials, us walking liberty Half Dollar eagle coin money clip imparts a quick-douber but will never lose its value. Plus, it's, this amazing kennedy Half Dollar brass money clip is fabricated of 100% gold and imparts a beautiful presidential seal on the front. This clip is sensational for taking special occasion measures or as a jewelry link, this usa Half Dollar money clip is hand-painted with the eagle on the back. It is manufactured of durable plastic and grants a comfortable fit, it is conjointly plastic with a corey the design. This money clip is puissant for bringing your favorite coins with you on the go, this amazing observation features a realistic-looking eagle a Half eaglelet's full-fat, red, white, and blue the clobbered Half Dollar is smirky wanting and day-dragging. But trust us, the all-natural and organic material is fabricated of 100% pure, all-weather cotton, our clip is :a must-have for any self-respecting Half Dollar lover.