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Slim Clip Money Clip

Slim clip is a new and revolutionary way to keep your money safe and easy, this clip is an enticing surrogate to keep your credit card in one place and your money in another. The Slim design makes it uncomplicated to carry around and the carbon fiber card holder makes it look premium, the key thing about men's rfid blocking Slim money wallet clip is that it is unrivalled for credit cards as well as other cards. So wherever hunting for a new alternative to keep your money safe, brands money clip is a peerless piece for you.

Double Sided Money Clip

The new double sided money clip is fabricated of carbon fiber for security and meets or your needs for credit card holders or id cards, the front gives a rfid blocking design and the back presents a comfortable feel to use. The clip is wide enough to tailor most credit card holders or id cards, the clip provides a comfortable handle that makes using the money clip easy. The front also presents a carbon fiber shield that helps protect the money clip from damage, the stainless money clip is a sterling surrogate to keep your money safe and simple. It's got a rfid blocking design and a Slim shape that makes it straightforward to hold your card or wallet, it also comes with a card holder, so you can easily add a card to your wallet. This is a Slim and simple man's wallet - with a front pocket for keeping your money, and a z clip on the front for cards, the bag is again have a rfid blocking front pocket and a purse is in like manner able to come with it if you want it. This is an unrivaled wallet for suitors who yearn for a design, and who wish to keep their money in front of their body, this stylish leather wallet clip is excellent for who desire to keep their money close to their skin. It is a Slim clip that makes it uncomplicated to put on and off of your pocket, made from rfid protection leather, this item is unequaled for individuals who are scouring for an effortless and convenient surrogate to hold their money.