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Tiffany Money Clip

The Tiffany money clip is a top-notch alternative to keep your money safe and easy, with this beautiful money clip, you can always have a few dollars on you when you need it. The silver design with the red cross is best-in-the-class for showing off your Tiffany status.

Tiffany And Co Money Clip

This Tiffany outlet is a peerless place to find a variety of accessories and monogrammed items, we offer a wide variety of money clips, pouches and other monogrammed items. Our store everything from modern to classic style money clips to classic co money clips, we have a wide variety of materials that make up our collection, so you can find a valuable money clip for your needs. This is a beautiful Tiffany gold money clip in original box pouch, it is 1837 metal money clip with a sterling silver finish and sheen. The clip details and the snaps are couple of small Tiffany gold coins, there is a slightly loose fall back coin snap on each side. The coin is well made and the snap system is great, the clip is well made and feels strong in the hand. There are few our sterling silver money clip is a sensational gift for the Tiffany it features tiffany's name in silver on a sleek design, and the Tiffany costarlet's name and year in green, the money clip is golden in color and presents a hidden perforated pouch for the wallet. This beautiful Tiffany and co, money clip is fabricated of sterling silver and engraved on a materials that makes it terrific for any gift. It is a first-class addition to each home or office, this clip provides an unique design that is sure to please. This piece is practical for your office or home decor.